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The TTS-3WCREE is a premium quality universal 220 lumen 3 Watt CREE XP-G2 LED bulb ideally suited for use in many torches. This LED bulb is NOT polarity specific so will work whichever way the batteries are connected or if reversed in error. Many LEDs only work one way around this works both ways so no re-wiring which is not always possible, particularly with the torches which use the rectangular 6 volt battery. Now available with both cool white and warm light Cree XP-G2 LEDs, please use drop down selection near add to basket icon to choose.

This upgrade is designed for maximum light output to our specification. This  LED upgrade is the brightest available replacement for the standard bulb, to fit torches that we know of being produced anywhere in Europe rated at 3 watt. This bulb has a wide
voltage band of 3.2 to 9 volts (brightest at 5 volts plus) which increases its flexibility.


Non polarized contacts means this bulb not matter
• Up to 220 Lumens of light output from the 3 Watt CREE XP-G2 R5 LED 
incandescent bulb in the same power torch
Available in common / standard flange base.
Operates on wide voltage range 3.2 - 9V DC  (brightest at 5 volts plus)
Works and fits in most torches
Consistent brightness and colour regardless of battery condition
Electronic regulation for rock steady light output
Never burns out - an incredible 50,000 hour life expectancy
Environment, energy saving friendly and shock-resistant
Produces pure white light

Please Note:- We only recommend this bulb for the more substantial metal type torches with a metal bulb retainer such as the Maglite range. We do not recommend this bulb for mainly plastic torches or dive torches as it may not be able to dissapate enough heat.

Special features:-

NOT polarity specific so will work whichever way the batteries are connected

Longer battery life results from the circuit built into the unit which completely utilizes the power from the batteries, whilst maintaining constant light output.

Package and Contents

• LED bulb in clear re-useable small plastic case


Your TTS BULB will be carefully packaged  and dispatched by Royal Mail 1st class post. Allow 1 to 2 working days for UK delivery.

For shipping to other European and Worldwide countries this item with packaging weighs just 20 grams, please refer to shipping for prices.

Cool White LED bulb