High Power Ultra Bright LED for the 3 to 6 D &C Cell Maglite

TTS-ULT (5 Watt Ultra Bright Maglite LED Upgrade - for C & D Cell Maglites)

The TTS ULT (5W) is much brighter than the 3 watt Cree XP-G2 LED bulbs. Whilst not being as bright as our 10 watt model it does perform well from about 4 volts upwards so would be a good option for the 3 cell Maglite or those looking for a high performance LED upgrade but with a longer run time than the 10 watt. This LED upgrade is a good option for the 3 cell Maglite upwards.

It is designed with a solid polished metal reflector and heat sinking to allow for improved optics and heat dissapation. This bulb will transform your Maglite into a ultra high performance, reliable, energy efficient torch making it the perfect choice for professionals.


Currently the brightest single LED upgrade available for 3 to  6 D and C Cell Maglites (other than our 10 watt models)
Utilises the premium performance  CREE XM-L2 U3 LED, producing approximately 500 OTF (out the front) lumens with the 3 to 6 cell Maglites at 5 watts
High quality metal body with solid polished mirrored metal reflector
Operates on a voltage range of 3 - 9.0V DC (brightest at 4 volts plus)
Consistent brightness and colour regardless of battery condition
Electronic regulation for rock steady light output
Never burns out - an incredible 50,000 hour life expectancy (6 years of constant use!)
Shock-resistant, much more durable than the incandescent bulb
Produces pure white light even when the batteries are low
Longer battery life results from the circuit built into the unit which completely utilizes the power from the batteries, whilst maintaining constant light output.
Designed specifically to fit the Maglite torch
The LED upgrade has reverse polarity protection
Approximately 7 hours runtime on 3 standard D cells
Easy fitment, just a straight exchange for the original bulb and reflector
The light produced will only dim near the end of the batteries' lifetime. It only gradually fades, not a sudden drop out of light
The LED bulb produces a balance between a powerful long focussed beam along with a highly useable amount of spill

Package and Contents

• LED bulb in small box with fitting instructions


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